So, today I’m going to concentrate on festival.

As you know, there are many famous and interesting festivals in the world. Each country has its own unique festival. For example, in India there is the Holi festival held in March 23th or in Spain, the La Tomatina festival is extremely famous for the time they throw tomatoes and makes people around the world really want to participate. But in my opinion, the festival is held in many countries and very popular is Christmas.

Christmas is an annual festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ as a religious and cultural celebration among billions of people around the world. Although nobody really knows the exact date Jesus was born, Christmas is usually celebrate on December 25th. This is the day that everyone believe Jesus maybe was born.

In addition, the holiday has been known by various other names throughout its history. Some people call it "midwinter", others call it "noel" from Old French. Like other festivals, Christmas has its own features and it is held in many places in so many different ways.

In the Netherlands, the festival begins on the night of Dec. 6. The story of Santa Claus is quite famous here. Everyone thinks that Saint Nicholas lives in Spain and every year Santa Claus goes to different port in the Netherlands so that every young person has the opportunity to see and welcome them. Commonly, when the boat dock, Santa Claus will wear red clothes, riding white horses and go around the city to give gifts to the children.

People also believe that, at midnight, when the children have already slept, Santa Claus will climb down the chimney to put presents beside the Christmas tree. In addition, if the children leave the hay or the carrot for Santa's reindeer in stockings and put them next to the window or fireplace, the elf - the person who helps the Santa Claus will leave them candies or an small gifts.

In Russia, Christmas is celebrated on Jan. 7. Russians do not decorate the Christmas tree, but people still make a tree called the evergreen tree. It is also called New Year Tree. The special thing about Christmas in Russia is that the snow princess give presents to children, not Santa Claus. Before Christmas, the Russians are vegetarian and until the holidays, there must be 12 typical dishes at dinner. With many Russians, Christmas is a chance to rest, welcome the New Year and express your loving concern to loved ones.

Christmas in Japan is celebrated on December 23rd. On this holiday, the atmosphere is always warm and we can all hear hymns everywhere. The streets here are decorated beautifully and luxuriously. At night, the lights will be turn on and the Christmas tree will glitter with ornaments. And just in Japan there is a very special cream cake only appears when Christmas comes.

Although Vietnam does not have as many customs as the rest of the world, they enjoy the festival enthusiastically, from 24th to 25th December. The warmest air is around this time. Young couples often give gifts on Christmas and give each other the best wishes. The family gather together near the fireplace. Although the weather outside is very cold, everyone has a smile on their face.

For me, Christmas is a celebration, which includes spending time with my family, decorating the entire house, inside and outside. Christmas is not only a usual holiday but also tradition and culture, which reflect human’s lifestyle. It is essential to continue this holiday because of its beneficial role in culture of one country.

That’s all! I’m very glad because of your attention. Thank you so much!

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